Alternator Kit 25/30 CV (pied mule)

Alternator Kit 25/30 CV.To replace the old dynamo for a three-phase alternator. With this kit you willl no longer have problems with the dynamo, lack of power, breakdowns, ... You will no longer have to buy a really overpriced dynamo. Now you can have 12 V with all its advantages.

With this kit you can install the alternator without damaging the block.

Easy installing and uninstalling system, without difficulties. If you uninstall it, you can go back to the original system .

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E002-a (Basic set) : 395€
Not include alternator or fan shroud
E002-b (Normal set) : 550€
Includes alternator but no fan shroud
E002-c (Complete set): 630€ Includes alternator and fan shroud