Metal hood emblem

New metal enameled hood emblem. To be placed on the front of the hood. These emblems can replace the original emblem. Made-to-order options. Send us a photo to make your personal emblem.

Price: 40€/ Unit
OPTIONS: 1.-Self-adhesive. 2.- With two small legs to be attached to the hood.

a005-a 40€/unit
a005-b 40€/unit
a005-c 40€/unit
a005-d 40€/unit
a005-e 40€/unit
a005-f 40€/unit
a005-g 40€/unit
a005-h 40€/unit
a005-i 40€/unit
a005-j 40€/unit
a005-k 40€/unit
a005-l 40€/unit
a005-m 40€/unit
a005-n 50€/unit

a005-o 40€/unit
a005-p 40€/unit
a005-k 40€/unit
a005-r 40€/50€ unit
(8/10 cm diameter)
a005-s 40€/unit