Nationality/Plate/Ovali Aluminium With numbers in aluminum

Nationality plate made of aluminium,
with white fond, black border and
black letters.

Plates size:
A004-a (Big): 170 x 110 mm.
A004-b (Small): 120 x 90 mm.

"D,E,GB,NL,P,I,CH, Etc..."

Supports for oval plates.
Made of Stainless Steel.
Model C (Old)
Model D +73

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A004-a: 25€ Plate 170x110mm
A004-b: 25€ Plate 120x90mm
(Prices refer to a plate with one letter; more letters will increase the price)
A004-c: 10€ Old Support
A004-d: 10€ Support +73
A004-e: 10€ Stainless steel oval plate support /short/bar:

Custom plates, letters and numbers can be made.
Single letters are sold.