VW/HAZET Round Tool Box

This tool box can be placed into the wheel but it does only fit

Outside: painted in black.
Inside: blue velvet.

Content "Box with all accessories":
*1 universal pliers
*1 water-pump pliers
*3 screwdrivers
*1 wheel wrench
*1 open-end / box wrench, 13+14
*1 open-end wrench 7+8 / 10+12
*1 box wrench 21/36
*1 spark-plug wrench

This tool box can be placed into
the wheel but it does only fit
5-hole-wheels. Tools can only be used as ornaments!

Great reproduction.

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A002-a VW box (No tools): 320€
A002-b VW Box with all accessories: 420€

A002-c Hazet box (No tools): 350€
A002-d Hazet Box with all accessories: 450€

A002-e Gray Sticker: 6 €
A002-f Big Sticker: 6 €
A002-g Sam Sticker: 6 €
A002-h Blue Sticker: 6 €