Aluminium vintage number plates

Numbers in relief. This kind of number plates were popular in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. The plates are made out of 1mm. thick aluminium. The edge is stamped out with the shape of half-cane. The letters are made of aluminum.

Options without price variation:
-Color of the background
-Size of letters: 85mm (-50) or 80mm (+50).

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Delanteras Traseras
Rectangular Square Trapezoidal
  • A001-a (+50) 385x108mm
  • A001-b (-50) 400x110mm
  • A001-c (-50) 450x110mm
  • A001-d (+50) 200x280mm
  • A001-e (-50) 280x213mm
  • A001-f (+50) 315x200mm
75€/1 unit 75€/1 unit 75€/1 unit